People - Howard Jones

[Updated: January 11, 1999]

People - Howard Jones

Title:People - Howard Jones
Catalogue number:61868 10031 2
Release date:14-07-1998
  1. You're The Buddah
  2. Tomorrow Is Now
  3. Everything
  4. Let The People Have Their Say
  5. If You Love
  6. Sleep My Angel
  7. We Make The Weather
  8. Back In Your Life Again
  9. Wedding Song
  10. Dreamin' On
  11. Let Me Be The First To Know
  12. Nothing To Fear
  13. Not One Of The Lonely Tonight
Remarks: Stewart Copeland plays drums on the track Everything.

While the album was being prepared for release, Howard Jones was invited to a special small-group songwriters workshop held by Miles Copeland at a castle in France in September 1997. Described as a "songwriters boot camp" where a new song had to written each day before lunch and recorded before dinner, the intensive pressure put on the creative process focused Jones on the uplifting spirit of personal encouragement that pervades many of his biggest hits.
The sessions in France resulted in three new songs infused with this spirit: the reggae fueled Everything with a visiting Stewart Copeland on drums, the albums first single - Tomorrow Is Now, and Let The People Have Their Say which was inspired by the outpouring of emotion following the death of Princess Diana.

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