Outlandos d'Americas: A Rock En Espanol Tribute to The Police - various artists

[Updated: October 29, 1998]

Outlandos d'Americas: A Rock En Espanol Tribute to The Police

Title:Outlandos d'Americas: A Rock En Espanol Tribute to The Police - various artists
Catalogue number:724349652521
Release date:08-09-1998
Tracks:The album features covers in the Spanish language of the following songs:
  1. Bring On The Night - Gustavo Cerati (with Andy Summers and Vinnie Colaiuta)
  2. Wrapped Around Your Finger - Skank
  3. Message In A Bottle - Ekhymosis
  4. No Time This Time - Enrique Bunbury
  5. The Bed's Too Big Without You - Plastilina Mosh
  6. Does Everyone Stare - Saul Hernandez (with Stewart Copeland)
  7. Spirits In The Material World - Puya
  8. Invisible Sun - Lucybell
  9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Soraya
  10. Man In A Suitcase - Desorden Publico
  11. Walking On The Moon - Control Machete
  12. Darkness - Los Pericos
  13. Englishman In New York - King Chango
The track Traeme La Noche (Bring On The Night) was released on CD-single. At the end of October 1998 this single became a #1 hit in Chile!
During this period Miles Copeland was interviewed by Rock&Pop FM Radio in Buenos Aires (for the promotion of the album Outlandos d'America). He revealed that he is currently working on a new project: The Outlandos Band. This band should feature Stewart on drums, Andy on guitar, Gustavo Cerati on bass together with five singers (Enrique Bunbury, Soraya, Saul Hernandez, Gustavo and probably one of Ekhymosis). According to Miles this band will perform in Los Angeles, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Spain. Miles: "In the same way The Police opened up punk music from England to the United States, perhaps Stewart and Andy can open up Latin American rock to the United States and the rest of the world. In some ways it's a crazy idea to do this.... The Police from day One was a crazy idea."

Andy Summers and Gustavo Cerati (February 1998).

Andy Summers, Gustavo Cerati and Vinnie Colaiuta (February 1998).

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