Strings of Desire - Andy Summers & Victor Biglione

[Updated: November 9, 1998]

Strings of Desire

Title:Strings of Desire - Andy Summers & Victor Biglione
Label:RCA Victor
Catalogue number:-
Release date:13-10-1998 (US release date)
  1. Frevo
  2. Stone Flower
  3. In Your Own Sweet Way
  4. Um Abraco No Bonfa
  5. Night in Tunisia
  6. 1 + 2 Blues
  7. Django
  8. Stolen Moments
  9. My Favorite Things
  10. Samba for Counting the Days
Remarks:The album comes in a fold out cardboard cover and was recorded in the period between March 25 and March 31 1998 in California, USA. The cover art for the album is an oil painting by Andy from 1995 entitled "The Woman Penetrates the Man."
The three types of guitars used throughout the album are steel, nylon, and 12 string.

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