Bewitched - Andy Summers & Robert Fripp

[Updated: March 23, 2005]

Bewitched - Andy Summers & Robert Fripp

Title:Bewitched - Andy Summers & Robert Fripp
Label:A&M Records
Catalogue number: LP (UK): A&M AMLX 68569
LP (US): A&M SP-9-5011
LP (FR): Polydor 823452
CD (US): A&M CD 5011 (75021 5011 2)
Release date:1984
  1. Parade (3:01)
  2. What Kind of Man Reads Playboy? (11:12)
  3. Begin the Day (3:33)
  4. Train (4:33)
  5. Bewitched (3:53)
  6. Tribe (3:23)
  7. Maquillage (2:16)
  8. Guide (2:34)
  9. Forgotten Steps (3:57)
  10. Image and Likeness (1:30)
Remarks: Andy Summers - Guitar
Robert Fripp - Guitar

Produced by Andy Summers

Recorded in spurts April/May 1984 at Arny's Shack, England

Engineer: Gary Jones

Mixed by Tony Arnold & Andy Summers

Chris Childs - Bass
Sara Lee - Bass
Paul Beavis - Drums
Chris Winter - Saxophone
Jesse Lota - Percussion, Tablas

Thanks and ovation to the following:
Dennis Smith for Technical assistance, wit and an unusual mind
Ken Zemanek for initial creative assistance and programming
Tam Fairgrieave for making everything work
Tony Arnold for surviving the assault course

Gary Jones - Engineer
Tony Arnold - Engineer, mixing
Dennis Smith - technical assistance
Ken Zemanek - Producer
Ian Cooper - Performer, mastering
Bob Carbone - Performer, mastering

Mastered by Ian Cooper at The Townhouse, London

Cover painting: 'Tribe' by Antoni Tapies

Back cover photo and inner sleeve photos by Andy Summers

Art Direction and sleeve design Andy Summers & Michael Ross

Andy Summers & Robert Fripp played Roland GR-700 and 300, Jupiter 6, JX3P synthesizers, MSQ 700 Sequencer TR-909 Drum machine, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Tape Loop and water bucket

Robert Fripp appears courtesy of E.G. Records Ltd

In September 1984 the 7"single Parade/ Train (UK - A&M - AM 217) and the 12"single Parade/ Train/ Hardy Country (UK - A&M - AMX 217) were released.

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