Four Days In September - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: November 9, 1998]

Four Days In September

Title:Four Days In September
Label:Milan/ BMG
Catalogue number:73138 35836-2
Release date:1998
  1. Garota de Ipanema
  2. The House Of The Rising Sun
  3. Madalena Foi Pro Mar
  4. Switch Cars
  5. The Kidnapping
  6. Torturer Confesses
  7. Adagio For Akin
  8. Letter Home
  9. Meet Jones
  10. Executioner
  11. Going Underground
  12. Pedro Realizes
  13. TV Demands
  14. Adagio Ambassador
  15. Car Chase
  16. Start Letter
  17. Maria Cries
  18. Postscript
  19. Airport Reunion
Remarks:Music from the Miramax motion picture.
Tracks 4-19 composed by Stewart Copeland.

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