Eardrum Trailer Music Volume 1 - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: November 3, 2009]

Eardrum Trailer Music Volume 1 - Stewart Copeland

Title:Eardrum Trailer Music Volume 1 - Stewart Copeland
Catalogue number:-
Release date:2006
    The audio CD contains the following tracks:

    Middle Eastern:
    Souk Chase
    1. Middle East Mix
    2. Middle East Hard End Mix
    3. Middle East No Guitar Mix
    4. Middle East Rhythm Guitar Mix
    Assassin Fight
    5. Middle East Rock Mix
    6. Middle East Orchestral Mix
    7. Middle East Drum Mix
    8. Middle East Percussion Mix
    Death Of A Friend
    9. Middle East Mix
    10. Middle East Instrumental Mix
    11. Middle East Instrumental No Lead Mix
    Wild Town
    12. Middle East Rock Mix
    13. Middle East Orchestral Mix
    14. Middle East Rock Rhythm Mix
    Waiting In The Dark
    15. Middle East Mix
    16. Middle East No Dialogue Mix
    17. Middle East Rhythm Mix
    18. Middle East Percussion Mix
    March Of Destiny
    19. Middle East Rock Mix
    20. Middle East Rock Rhythm Mix
    21. Middle East Rock Orchestral Mix
    22. Middle East Drum Orchestral Mix
    23. Middle East Rock Guitar Mix
    The Heist
    24. Middle East Rock Mix
    25. Middle East Orchestral Mix
    26. Middle East Percussion Mix
    27. Middle East Rhythm Orchestral Mix
    Call To Prayer
    28. Middle East Mix
    29. Middle East Instrumental Mix
    Swaying Confusion
    30. Middle East Rock Mix
    31. Middle East Orchestral Mix
    32. Middle East Mix
    33. Middle East Drums-Percussion Mix

    Street Cred
    34. Urban Orchestral Mix
    35. Urban Mix
    36. Orchestral Mix
    37. Urban Drum No Strings Mix
    Scorpion King
    38. Urban Orchestral Mix
    39. Urban Mix
    40. Orchestral Mix
    41. Urban Drum Mix
    42. Urban Orchestral Mix
    43. Urban Mix
    44. Orchestral Mix
    45. Orchestral No Melody Mix
    Bounty Hunter
    46. Urban Orchestral Mix
    47. Urban Mix
    48. Orchestral Mix
    49. Urban Drum Mix
    On The Block
    50. Urban Orchestral Mix
    51. Urban Mix
    52. Orchestral Mix
    53. Urban Drum Mix
    Urban Legends
    54. Urban Orchestral Mix
    55. Urban Mix
    56. Orchestral Mix
    57. Urban Drum Full Length No Orchestra Mix
Remarks:In October 2006 Groove Addicts collaborated with composer/drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police to create Eardrum a collection of film trailer music that was exclusively created for Groove Addicts. Unfortunately this was never made available as a commerial release!

This official promo was issued for use exclusively in film, television and radio production featuring cues created by Stewart Copeland in collaboration with Groove Addicts, comprising a CD with mixes of nine Middle Eastern flavoured recordings and six Urban style tracks, plus a Data DVD containing additional mix versions, hits, risers and explosions. Custom printed discs housed in a DVD library case with colour picture inlay. All tracks composed by Stewart Copeland.

The data DVD contains additional mix versions, hits, risers and explosions. A total of 113 tracks (each tracks in the formats: 16-bit WAV, 24-bit AIFF and 320 kps MP3)!

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