Rapa Nui - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: August 20, 2002]

Rapa Nui

Title:Rapa Nui
Catalogue number:73138 35681-2
Release date:1994
  1. Totora Ponds
  2. Ay Manu Wata Hai
  3. Tupa Sunset
  4. Training
  5. Fire Dance
  6. Sail Away
  7. The Cliffs Of Ngarau
  8. Ranu Raraku Blues
  9. Topple Moai
  10. Argument With Make
  11. Race To Moto Nui
  12. Carving The Mysteries
  13. Rapa Nui
Remarks:Music from the original motion picture soundtracks.
Composed by Stewart Copeland.

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