The Stewart Copeland Anthology - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: November 8, 2008]

The Stewart Copeland Anthology - Stewart Copeland

Title:The Stewart Copeland Anthology - Stewart Copeland
Label:KOCH Records
Catalogue number:-
Release date:Aug. 14, 2007
  1. Too Kool to Kalypso - Klark Kent
  2. Don't Box Me In - Rumble Fish - soundtrack
  3. Tulsa Tango - Rumble Fish - soundtrack
  4. Koteja (O Bolilla) - The Rhythmatist
  5. Serengeti Long Walk - The Rhythmatist
  6. Theme from The Equalizer - Orchestralli
  7. Anacott Steel - Wall Street - soundtrack
  8. Slither (demo) (**)
  9. Night Drive Home - Very Bad Things (**)
  10. Taxi Ride - West Beirut (**)
  11. Bill is Dead - The Pallbearer - soundtrack
  12. Wield The Spade - Oysterhead
  13. Look Up - vocals by Martina Topley-Bird (**)
  14. Rain - Spyro the Dragon (**)
  15. Childhood Friends - The Leopard Son - soundtrack
  16. Mud Lions -The Leopard Son - soundtrack
  17. Pizzica Degli Ucci - La Notte Della Taranta w/ Stewart Copeland
  18. Chrystal/Drive Daisy - Dead Like Me (**)
  19. George Trip/ End - Dead Like Me (**)
  20. Big Drum Tribe - Gizmo (Vittorio Cosma, Stewart Copeland, Armand Sabal-Lecco, Phil X, Mauro Refosco, Dodo Nkishi) (**)
  21. Regret - Metropolis (**)
Remarks:The CD "The Stewart Copeland Anthology" is a nice overview of his solo career including his Trey Anastasio/Les Claypool collaboration: Oysterhead, as well as key tracks from the Notte Della Taranta and GIZMO ensembles. "The Anthology" features music from many of his memorable film scores, along with key tracks from other projects (including a seminal track credited to the multi-instrumentalist Klark Kent).

Stewart says, "Contained on this album are some of the many musical adventures that I've had. Roughly chronological, 'The Anthology' starts with the callow charm of Klark Kent, and ends up with some of the slicker things that I have figured out after four decades of my obsession with music."

(**) indicates that the track was never before commercially released on any album.

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