Kismet - Jesca Hoop

[Updated: November 8, 2008]

Kismet - Jesca Hoop

Title:Kismet - Jesca Hoop
Catalogue number:-
Release date:2008
  1. Summertime
  2. Seed of Wonder
  3. Enemy
  4. Silverscreen
  5. Money
  6. Dreams in the Hollow
  7. Love Is All We Have
  8. Intelligentactile 101
  9. Havoc in Heaven
  10. Out the Back Door
  11. Love and Love Again
Remarks:Stewart performed drums on the track Seed Of Wonder. The album was produced by Tony Berg, who also produced the second Animal Logic album (Animal Logic II from 1991).

Extract from interview (

Q: On “Seed of Wonder,” you got to work with Stewart Copeland.

A: Yes, and [drummer] Matt Chamberlain. They both were on that track.

Q: What was Copeland like to work with?

A: If you don’t know the secret of the song, if you haven’t learned it through and through, which he hadn’t when he came in…He was familiar with it but he hadn’t learned all the little idiosyncrasies. It’s kind of a cryptic song, in a way. And so he kind of just dove into it and took over, really.
I learned that he was really trusting of his process. If you were making a little mistake, of course you’re going to make…I guess he didn’t make any mistakes. Do you know what I mean? He would fall in and out of the pocket of the song, not knowing it, and didn’t ever consider it a mistake. It’s a part of the process. So I learned that from him. When in the process of creating what is your work, you never apologize for keeping an engineer an extra 15 minutes or having to take the path again…

Q: …to get what you want at the end of it.

A: Right. He was like a mad scientist with his kit…I have worked with him one other time and he was really a joy to work with. He’s got an extremely dark, dry, and intelligent wit. We were an odd pairing, for sure. (Laughs) It was really fun.

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