This Is What We Do - Gerry Richardson

[Updated: November 8, 2008]

This Is What We Do - Gerry Richardson

Title:This Is What We Do - Gerry Richardson
Catalogue number:-
Release date:2007
  1. Another Dark One (30's Swing meets Drum 'n' Bass)
  2. Going Out (tribute to post '66 England World Cup squads)
  3. Global Village Idiot (in 'honour' of George Bush and Iraq)
  4. Autumn in the Barrio (funky samba to Camillo and D'Rivera)
  5. Big Jazz Club In The Sky (salute to the jazz Greats)
  6. Blues For Big Red ('70s Blaxploitation & TV cops homage)
  7. Getting There (by the great Mose Alison)
  8. Springtime in the City (featuring Sting on vocals)
  9. Another Dark One Remix (by Gerry's son Harry)
  10. Think I'll Lay Waste to Myself Tonight (a drinking song)
Remarks:The album features material by both his bands (The Gerry Richardson Trio and The Big Idea). Sting is featured on a cover of the Graham Bond song 'Springtime In The City' - one of the songs that he performed with Gerry and his old band mates in Newcastle back in May 2006 at the Baltic Arts Centre in Newcastle.

The album is available on iTunes.

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