Together As One - Gregg Kofi Brown

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Together As One - Gregg Kofi Brown

Title:Together As One - Gregg Kofi Brown
Label:Wrasse Records
Catalogue number:Wrass 1735
Release date:August 12, 2005
  1. Lullaby To An Anxious Child - Gregg Kofi Brown with Sting (04.08)
  2. Live As One - Gregg Kofi Brown with Novecento (05.07)
  3. World Spirit - Gregg Kofi Brown with Novecento (05.29)
  4. Wake Up The Morning - Gregg Kofi Brown with Des'ree & Gabrielle (05.23)
  5. Sky Flower - Gregg Kofi Brown with Stanley Jordan (04.50)
  6. Aya A - Gregg Kofi Brown with Airto Moreira (06.07)
  7. Midnight Flyer - Gregg Kofi Brown with Novecento (07.00)
  8. Tender Eyes - Gregg Kofi Brown with Dominic Miller (04.47)
  9. Shadow - Gregg Kofi Brown with Billy Cobham (04.59)
  10. Je Fre Me Kofi - Gregg Kofi Brown (06.45)
Remarks:Produced by NICOLOSI "NOVECENTO" for Nicolosi productions
Executive producer Gregg Kofi Brovn

Gregg Kofi Brown: vocals and backing vocals
Sting: vocals (track 1)
Gabrielle: vocals (track 4)
Roachford: vocals (track 4)
Desíree: vocals (track 4)
Damage: vocals (track 4)
Dora Nicolosi: vocals (track 1), backing vocals (track 7-8-9-)
Lorna Marshall, Marie Ann Morgan, Jo Cang : backing vocals (track 4)
Pino Nicolosi: keyboards, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano
Billy Cobham:drums (track 4--8-9)
Stanley Jordan: guitar (track 5)
Lino Nicolosi: guitars
Dominic Miller: guitar (track 1- 8)
Marco Fadda : percussion
Airto Moreira: percussion (track 6)
Rossana Nicolosi: bass (track 4-5-8-9)
Mimmo Campanale: drums (track 3-5-7-)
Riccardo Fioravanti: double bass (track 2-6-7 )
Gregg Brown: bass (track 10)
Emanuele Cisi: soprano saxophone (track 1-4) tenor saxophone (track 3-7-10)
Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet (track 9)
African singers : Patti Boulaye, Teddy Osei, Gregg Kofi Brown, Soraya Brown, Nkosi Brown ,Shanta Osei,Tim Hain, Toun Sonaiya ,Rita Jehwo

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