The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers - Stewart Copeland

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The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers

Title:The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers
Catalogue number:IRSD-42099
Release date:1988
  1. Lurking Solo
  2. Music Box
  3. Screaming Lord Cole And The Commanches
  4. The Equaliser Busy Equalising
  5. Green Fingers (Ten Thumbs)
  6. Archie David In Overtime
  7. Tancred Ballet
  8. Dark Ships
  9. Flowershop Quintet
  10. Rag Pole Dance
Remarks: According to the liner notes:
"Dancing to this record will give you an agile body and healthy mind, but it won't be easy."

All songs written by Stewart Copeland
Composed and performed by Stewart Copeland

Recorded and produced by Jeff Seitz
Recorded at: The Worried Rabbit Studios Ninevah Assyria

Fairlight, Tama, Fender, Paiste built the instruments.

Special thanks to:
Dan Lieberstein, Tom Drescher, Jim McAdams from The Equalizer

Photography: Andrew Douglas
Design and Art Direction: The Leisure Process
Concept: The Leisure Process and Andrew Douglas

Taken from the artist description:
There are three P's in Stewart Copeland's life--Police, polo and perfection. He is best known, of course, for his role as drummer of The Police, one of the truly major rock acts of the last decade. Their hits are numerous, their concerts visual and aural phenomena and Stewart's contribution immeasurable. But in recent years he has turned his talents to the writing of soundtracks for both film and TV. His music for the movie Rumble Fish created an excitement which will be equally matched by The Equalizer and Other Cliff Hangers, his contribution to the No Speak catalogue. Entirely composed and performed by Copeland, it includes his much lauded score for The Equalizer TV series which stars Edward Woodward.

The album "The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers" was part of the IRS "No Speak" series. In 1988 a 8-track sample CD ("No Speak - Instrumental Rock For The 90's") was released containing tracks from the first four "No Speak" albums:
1. Wishbone Ash - Something's Happening In Room 602
2. William Orbit - Fire And Mercy
3. Pete Haycock - Terry Anne
4. Stewart Copeland - The Equalizer Busy Equalizing
5. Pete Haycock - Lucienne
6. Wishbone Ash - A Rose Is A Rose
7. William Orbit - Via Caliente
8. Stewart Copeland - Tancred Ballet

More information about the IRS "No Speak" series on Wikipedia.

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