These People Are Nuts - various artists

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These People Are Nuts - various artists

Title:These People Are Nuts - various artists
Medium:1CD/ cassette
Label:IRS Records
Catalogue number:IRS 82010
Release date:1989
  1. Nothing Achieving (Copeland/Copeland) - The Police 1:55 (Produced by Stewart Copeland & Bazza)
  2. We Got The Beat (Caffey) - Go-Go's 3:29 (Produced by Richard Gottehrer & Rob Freeman)
  3. Thunder (County) - Wayne County and the Electric Chairs 4:03 (Producer unknown)
  4. Checking Out The Checkout Girl (Nariz) - Wazmo Nariz 2:24 (Produced by Wazmo Nariz)
  5. Dare To Be Fat (Greenlee/McKenzie/Lancaster) - Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band 3:52 (Produced by Bob Greenlee & Ernie Lancaster)
  6. Sign Of The Cross (Skafish) - Skafish 4:12 (Produced by Tim Summerhayes & Skafish)
  7. Jack The Ripper (Cale) - John Cale 3:05 (Produced by John Cale)
  8. Only A Lad (Elfman) - Oingo Boingo 3:31 (Produced by Jo Julian)
  9. Don't Care (Kent) - Klark Kent 2:06 (Produced by Klark Kent & Nigel Gray)
  10. Ever Fallen In Love (Shelley) - Buzzcocks 2:38 (Produced by Martin Rushent)
  11. Whine & Grind/Stand Down Margaret (English Beat) - English Beat 3:46 (Produced by Bob Sargeant)
  12. Goo Goo Muck (Cook) - The Cramps 3:01 (Produced by The Cramps)
  13. About The Weather (Devoto/Formula) - Magazine 3:24 (Produced by John Brand)
  14. Mexican Radio (WOV) - Wall Of Voodoo 4:09 (Produced by Richard Mazda)
  15. The Stand (Macdonald/Peters/Sharp) - The Alarm 3:40 (Produced by Mick Glossop)
  16. Superman (Zeckley/Bottler) - R.E.M. 2:48 (Produced by Don Gehman)
  17. Spirit In The Sky (Greenbaum) - Dr. & The Medics 3:29 (Produced by Craig Leon)
  18. Like A Virgin (Steinberg/Kelly)) - Lords Of The New Church 3:47 (Produced by The Lords)
  19. The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (MacDonald) - Timbuk 3 3:21 (Produced by Dennis Herring)
  20. Johnny Come Home (Steele/Gift) - Fine Young Cannibals 3:26 (Produced by Gift/Steele/Cox)
  21. The Sheep's A Wolf (Martin/Cross/Schafer/Pinnt) - Caterwaul 4:21 (Produced by Dennis Herring)
  22. It'll Chew You Up And Spit You Out (Napolitano/Mankey) - Concrete Blonde 4:32 (Produced by Concrete Blonde & Earle Mankey)
Remarks:This was a compilation CD released by I.R.S. Records in 1989 celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

Compiled by John Guarnieri
Art Direction & Design by Hugh Brown
Project Coordination by Sig Sigworth
Assembled & Digitally Remastered by Frank DeLuna at Hot Tin Roof Studios, North Hollywood, California

Track 1 - "Nothing Achieving" by The Police (liner notes state: "previously unavailable in the U.S.").
Track 9 - "Don't Care" by Klark Kent.

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