Wall Street/ Talk Radio - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: August 20, 2002]

Wall Street/ Talk Radio

Title:Wall Street/ Talk Radio
Label:UNI/Varese Sarabande
Catalogue number:5459
Release date:1988 (on LP); 26-10-1993 (on CD)
  1. Kent: Unpredictable
  2. Dietz: Just Come Right In Here, Denise
  3. TLKa: We Know Where You Live
  4. Tick: We Feel Too Much
  5. Trend: He Has Heart
  6. Bud's Scam
  7. Are You With Me?
  8. Trading Begins
  9. The Tall Weeds
  10. Break Up (Darian)
  11. Anacott Steal
  12. End Title Theme
Remarks:Tracks 1-5 from the soundtrack for the movie "Talk Radio".
Tracks 6-12 from the soundtrack for the movie "Wall Street".

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