Wrong Turn - Randy Rice

[Updated: January 28, 2006]

Wrong Turn - Randy Rice

Title:Wrong Turn - Randy Rice
Catalogue number:-
Release date:1996
  1. Wrong Turn
  2. Politics of Politics
  3. Ray Gun
  4. Letters In The Attic
  5. Still
  6. Speed, Dreams & Love
  7. White People
  8. Harold Has A Bad Heart
  9. Only Human
  10. Mary Tellls Me Everything
  11. Take Your Picture
  12. If Hapiness Came In A Box
Remarks:Stewart performs drums on Politics of Politics (track 2):
Randy Rice - keyboards and vocals
Stewart Copeland - drums
Keith Fields - guitar
David Sutton - bass
Tasha Kapur, Elizabeth Lammers and Robin Hild - backing vocals

Deborah Holland about Randy Rice (in the year 2000): "Randy Rice is a singer/songwriter who was managed by a friend/publisher of Animal Logic. He (Dan Howell) asked Stewart and I to perform on a few tracks, and we did. I can't even remember if Stewart and I, are on the same tracks? I don't think so...". [Which is true! Deborah sang on track 6 and 7].

A low budget album which was never sold all over the US but only in the Philadelphia area. All words and music by Randy Rice.

Stewart's drums were recorded at Kinetic Kollections at Culver City, CA by Jeff Seitz.

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