Naive - Public Zone

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Naive - Public Zone

Title:Naive - Public Zone
Medium:7" single
Catalogue number:GO 104
Release date:1977
  1. Naive
  2. Innocence
Remarks:The band Metro recorded its self-titled debut in 1976. Originally only available in Germany, it was distributed in the U.S. by Sire Records in 1977. In the same year Metro briefly changed their name to Public Zone and released a 7" single (Logo Records; GO 104) with the Stewart Copeland on drums.

The two tracks of Pubic Zone were also released as bonus tracks on the Japanese reissue of the first Metro album (MSI; MSI-16103). Here is an extract from an interview with Peter Godwin (the singer of Metro and Public Zone) where he talks about this Japanese reissue and his collaboration with Stewart:

Question: On the Japanese Metro CD there are two songs, "Naive," and "Innocence" that are credited as being from Public Zone. What exactly is that?

Peter Godwin: That is kind of interesting. When Metro made its first album, Sean Lyons and myself decided that we wanted to go off and form another band. It was basically the relationship we had with Duncan Browne; we felt we'd come as far as we could. In the meantime we went through this idea that we might just change our name. While we were still with what was then Logo Records, that single was put out under the ridiculous name Public Zone. How we came up with that don't ask me. Now the line-up on that is what's interesting: We didn't have our own drummer; the drummer we'd used on the first [Metro] album, Simon Phillips, was just a dynamite young session drummer that everybody wanted to use and still do. Then when we decided we were getting another Metro together, at that time Sean was sharing a flat with Stewart Copeland, from the Police. There was a little gap in between when [Roxanne and Can't Stand Losing You] were released, and when they were [hits], when [The Police] were kind of not certain of their future. We loved his drumming, and Stewart Copeland plays on both of the tracks. We wanted him to stay with us, of course, because he's such a great drummer, but it was kind of, "I think I'll stick with The Police and see how it goes." And to coin a clich, the rest is history (laughs). I got a surprise, I didn't even know about that CD being re-issued. I guess they put ['Naive' and 'Innocence'] on to fill up the time, really. And also, we demoed them originally at Vangelis' studio, but we didn't actually record them there. It's so long ago (laughs) that it's hard for me to remember, but I certainly remember Stewart playing the drums. (from: )

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