Expressions In Jazz Major - various artists

[Updated: July 16, 2005]

Expressions In Jazz Major - various artists

Title:Expressions In Jazz Major - various artists
Catalogue number:-
Release date:July 4, 2004
  1. Poncho Sanchez - Moon Pie
  2. Craig Chaquico - Cafe Carnival
  3. Gumbi Ortiz Latino Projekt - MonCalBo
  4. Andy Summers - Rumplestiltskin
  5. Mark Egan - Freedom Town
  6. Steve Khan/Rob Mounsey - Claflouti
  7. Jeff Ciampa - Up In Smoke
  8. Pat Martino - Africa
  9. Ernie Watts/Ron Feuer - Inward Glance
  10. Alex Skolnick Trio - Ofri
  11. David Becker Tribune - Kurd & Waves
  12. Surinder Sandhu - Sunday Morning In Calcutta featuring Steve Vai
Remarks:CD released by the Youth charity organization. The charity organization released only 1000 copies.
The artwork was created by Andy Summers. The piece is "untitled" and was created by Andy in Tokyo, Japan in 1991.

Produced by Michael Malott.
Mastered by Caey Prezioso at Concept Industries.

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