The Rhythmatist - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: November 3, 2009]

The Rhythmatist

Title:The Rhythmatist
Label:A&M Records
Catalogue number:395 084-2
Release date:1985
  1. Koteja (Oh Bolilla)
  2. Brazzaville
  3. Liberte
  4. Coco
  5. Kemba
  6. Samburu Sunset
  7. Gong Rock
  8. Franco
  9. Serengeti Long Walk
  10. African Dream
Remarks: Stewart Copeland: Bass, Computers/Sound Tracks, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Main
Performer, Percussion, Piano
Jeff Seitz: Producer
Stewart Copeland: Producer
Ray Lema: Vocals
Stewart Copeland: Vocals

"Copeland's second solo record is the soundtrack to an African safari video. Described on the sleeve as "a curious blend of musical snatches from Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Zaire, the Congo and Buckinghamshire," The Rhythmatist is variously a rock album with Africanisms layered on and a rock interpretation (or imitation) thereof. The blurry line between what is genuine and what Copeland has made of whole Anglo-American cloth is disturbing, to say the least, and there's obviously real African music where this dubious rock star contraption came from. Still, the invigorating record sounds lovely, especially thanks to his collaborator, Zairean vocalist Ray Lema". [from a review by Ira Robbins]

A remaster of the album (including a bonus track) was issued in 2007.

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