Retrospective - Andy Summers

[Updated: January 11, 1999]


Title:Retrospective - Andy Summers
Label:Windham Hill
Catalogue number:01934-11316-2
Release date:15-09-1998
  1. A Piece of Time (6:37) - from The Golden Wire
  2. World Gone Strange (6:30) - from World Gone Strange
  3. Charming Snakes (5:13) - from Charming Snakes
  4. Mickey Goes to Africa (4:54) - from Charming Snakes
  5. Passion of the Shadow (5:12) - from Charming Snakes
  6. Innocence Falls Prey (2:46) - from Charming Snakes
  7. Oudu Kanjaira (5:19) - from World Gone Strange
  8. The Blues Prior to Richard (4:48) - from World Gone Strange
  9. Blues for Snake (4:57) - from The Golden Wire
  10. Somewhere in the West (5:11) - from World Gone Strange
Remarks:The album is a compilation from Andy's albums with Private Music. In the end he chose material from 3 of the 4 albums and decided against using material from the 4th (Mysterious Barricades) as it was too individual.
The Private Music label was absorbed by Windham Hill.

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