The Last Dance of Mr. X - Andy Summers

[Updated: April 27, 2000]

The Last Dance Of Mr. X

Title:The Last Dance of Mr. X - Andy Summers
Catalogue number:U.S. 09026-68937-2; EURO 09026-68937-2
Release date:14-10-1997
  1. Big Thing
  2. Strange Earth
  3. The Three Marias
  4. Afro Blue
  5. The Last Dance of Mr. X
  6. Lonely Woman
  7. We See
  8. Rumplestiltskin
  9. The Somnambulist
  10. Footprints
  11. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
  • Andy Summers
  • Bernie Dresel
  • Gregg Bissonette
  • Jerry Watts
  • Tony Levin
Big Thing was recorded during the filming of the Andy Summers Guitar (Hot Licks video; VGS 201; 2-video boxed set) at Right Track Studios in Manhattan, NY on May 19, 1997.

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