Unfinished Song - Tim Rose

[Updated: March 14, 2009]

Unfinished Song - Tim Rose

Title:Unfinished Song - Tim Rose
Label:Tiger Lily Records
Catalogue number:TL 14055
Release date:1976
  1. Outrageous Mary
  2. Givin'
  3. The Day I Spent With You
  4. Little Girl
  5. Unfinished Song
  6. Mine For a Night
  7. Empty People
  8. Where Is the Good Life
Remarks:Andy Summers on all tracks. Andy is credited as "Andy Sommers".

Producer: Tim Rose
Tim Rose: Vocals, guitar, organ
Russ Kunkle: Drums
Peet Seers: Piano
Fuzzy Knight: Bass
Andy Summers: Guitar
Clyde King, Vernetta Fields: Vocals

This was an effort by Tim to produce a classic album with a few of his friends. The studio went bankrupt in 1975 and sold the tapes - without Tim's permission - to Tiger Lily Records, who released it. Although short - just 28 minutes - it is unique, "a real rock'n'roll album", he says.

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