The Musician - Tim Rose

[Updated: March 14, 2009]

The Musician - Tim Rose

Title:The Musician - Tim Rose
Medium:1LP / 1CD
Catalogue number:K50183
Release date:1975
  1. Morning Dew (only on CD-release)
  2. 7.30 Song
  3. Small Town Talk
  4. The Musician
  5. Loving Arms
  6. Old Man
  7. Hey Joe (only on CD-release)
  8. It's Not My Life That's Been Changing
  9. The Day I Spent With You
  10. Second Avenue
  11. Now You're A Lady
  12. Where Is the Good Life?
Remarks:Andy on guitar on on Loving Arms, Second Avenue and Where Is The Good Life?.

Andy Summers - Guitar (Electric)
Tina Charles - Vocals (bckgr)
Tim Rose - Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Bass, Conductor, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals, Producer, String Arrangements
John Verity - Guitar (Electric)
Ron Berg - Drums
Richard Burgess - Drums
Paul Cobbold - Bass, Fuzz Bass
B.J. Cole - Dobro

This album was rereleased on CD in 1995 on Demon/ Edsel (EDCD 448) with two extra tracks (Hey Joe and Morning Dew).

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