Out - Anthony Moore

March 4, 2003

Out - Anthony Moore

Title:Out - Anthony Moore
Catalogue number:VP165CD
Release date:1976
  1. A Thousand Ships
  2. The River
  3. Please Go
  4. The Pilgrim
  5. Stitch in Time
  6. You Tickle
  7. Dreams of His Laughter
  8. Johnny's Dead
  9. Lover of Mine
  10. Driving Blind
  11. Catch a Falling Star
  12. Wrong Again"
Remarks:This album was intented to be released by Virgin (as catelogue number: Vin 1977 Andy Summers - Guitar
David Bedford - String Arrangements
Peter Blegvad - Guitar
Anthony Moore - Organ, Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Strings, Celeste, Vocals
Amanda Parsons - Choir, Chorus
Graham Preskett - Organ, Mandolin, Violin
Eddie Sparrow - Drums
Dave Wintour - Bass
Kevin Ayers - Bass

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 1977.

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