No Peace - New Marines

March 4, 2003

No Peace - New Marines

Title:No Peace - New Marines
Catalogue number:E1023
Release date:1985
  1. No Peace Through Chemistry
  2. She Won't Wear That Collar
  3. When We Were Young
  4. Style Is the Way
  5. J.O.
  6. Lift Pad
  7. Do It for Science"
Remarks:Stewart on percussion (on 1 track).

Bob Shulman - Producer
Glenn Felt - Engineer
Martin Kelley - Keyboards, Vocals
J. Scott Riker - Percussion
Pierre Smith - Vocals, Guitar
Cornel Tanassy - Engineer
Brad Thiel - Bass
Jazbo Thiel - Vocals, Guitar
New Marines - Main Performer
Stewart Copeland - Percussion

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