Midnight Wire - Curved Air

[Updated: July 27, 2002]

Midnight Wire - Curved Air

Title:Midnight Wire - Curved Air
Catalogue number:-
Release date:October 1975
  1. Woman On a One Night Stand (Sonja Kristina/Norma Tager)
  2. Day Breaks My Heart (Darryl Way/Norma Tager)
  3. The Fool (Darryl Way/Norma Tager/Mick Jacques)
  4. Pipe of Dreams (Mick Jacques)
  5. Orange Street Blues (Darryl Way/Norma Tager)
  6. Dance of Love (Darryl Way/Norma Tager/Mick Jacques)
  7. Midnight Wire (Darryl Way/Norma Tager)
Remarks: Stewart Copeland -- Drums
Mick Jacques -- Guitars
Sonja Kristina -- Vocals
Darryl Way -- Violin, Keyboards, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
John Perry -- Bass
Peter Wood -- Keyboards
Derek Damain -- Backing Vocals
Norma Tager -- Lyrics

Produced by Ron Albert & Howard Albert; recorded at Ramport Studios.

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