Coat of Many Cupboards - XTC

[Updated: April 13, 2002]

Coat of Many Cupboards - XTC

Title:Coat of Many Cupboards - XTC
Catalogue number:XTCBOX1
Release date:March 25th, 2002
Tracks: disc 1:
  1. Science Friction (CBS demo)
  2. Spinning Top (Live at Eric's in Liverpool)
  3. Traffic Light Rock (live at Eric's in Liverpool)
  4. Radios In Motion (White Music version)
  5. Let's Have Fun (White Music out take)
  6. Fireball XL5/Fireball dub (White Music out take)
  7. Heatwave Mark 2 Deluxe (White Music out take)
  8. This Is Pop (Single Version)
  9. Are You Receiving Me? (Go 2 out take)
  10. Things Fall To Bits (Go 2 out take)
  11. Us Being Us (Go 2 out take)
  12. Life Begins At The Hop (First rehearsal extract)
  13. Life Begins At The Hop (First recording, unused)
  14. Making Plans For Nigel (Demo from Swindon Town Hall)
  15. Ten Feet Tall (Drums and Wires version)
  16. Sleepyheads (Drums and Wires out take)
disc 2:
  1. Wanking Man (hidden track)
  2. Meccanik Dancing (Live at the Marconi Club in Sydney)
  3. Atom Medley: Into The Atom Age/Hang On To The Night/Neon Shuffle (Live at the Marconi Club in Sydney)
  4. Life Begins At The Hop (Unused U.S. single recording)
  5. Real By Reel (Unused single recording)
  6. When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty (Unused single recording)
  7. Helicopter (Unused single recording)
  8. Towers of London (Rejected single recording)
  9. Generals And Majors (Rehearsal tape)
  10. No Language In Our Lungs (Black Sea version)
  11. Sgt. Rock Is Going To Help Me (Black Sea version)
  12. Paper And Iron (Live at The Lyceum in London)
  13. Crowded Room (live at The Lyceum in London)
  14. Senses Working Overtime (Early work tape)
  15. Snowman (live at The Hammersmith Odeon in London)
  16. Ball And Chain (Unused single recording)
disc 3:
  1. Shaving Brush Boogie (hidden track)
  2. Punch And Judy (Unused single recording)
  3. Fly On The Wall (English Settlement version)
  4. Yacht Dance (Live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV)
  5. Jason And The Argonauts (English Settlement version)
  6. Love On A Farmboys Wages (Home demo)
  7. Wonderland (Home demo)
  8. Ladybird (Mummer version)
  9. All You Pretty Girls (Home demo)
  10. Wake Up (Home demo)
  11. The Everyday Story Of Smalltown (Big Express version)
  12. Grass (Home demo)
  13. Let's Make A Den (Home demo)
  14. The Meeting Place (Home demo)
  15. Dear God (Band demo)
disc 4:
  1. Brainiac's Daughter (Psonic Psunspot version)
  2. Vanishing Girl (Psonic Psunspot version)
  3. Terrorism (Home demo)
  4. Find The Fox (Home demo)
  5. Season Cycle (Skylarking version)
  6. The Troubles (Home demo)
  7. Mayor Of Simpleton (Early work tape)
  8. King For a Day (Home demo)
  9. Chalkhills and Children (Oranges & Lemons version)
  10. The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (Early home demo)
  11. Omnibus (Nonsuch version)
  12. The Disappointed (Home demo)
  13. Bungalow (Nonsuch version)
  14. Didn't Hurt A Bit (Nonsuch out take)
  15. Books Are Burning (Live on The Late Show, BBC TV)
Remarks: This CD-boxset features 60 tracks spanning XTC's entire output for Virgin Records. "Life Begins At The Hop (Unused American single recording)" [Track 4 on disc 2] contains some nifty handclaps by Sting and his then wife, Francis Tomelty.

From the fully illustrated 60 page booklet:

Life Begins At The Hop (Unused American single recording)
Cameron Allen was his name, record producing was his game. In 1979 Virgin Records were convinced that this guy could bring out something in this song, which would be our ticket to American mass acceptance. Cameron was definitely after a wholesome apple pie, which we gave. But I think I prefer the strudel we had prepared earlier. Not even the addition of some nifty handclaps by none other than Sting and his then wife, Francis Tomelty, could stop this from becoming the rhombus shaped peg in a round hole. CM

Back in Blighty, one Australian tour, one Japanese tour, blood, 4x, one colostomy bag laden groupie, one round of fisticuffs with Tokyo hotel staff, too much saki and a marriage proposal later, Virgin have a plan. They would like Life Begins at the Hop to be a single in America, but not the Lillywhite/Drums And Wires version, which they think is too scratchy and Swindonian. Instead, at the suggestion of Laurie Dunne, Australian in residence to Virgin, one of his countrymen, Cameron Allen, is the producer we need to mellow us out. What were they thinking of? This is what came out of the session, only to be hastily locked away. A very odd, half awake, dream state take, sounding as if one side of the stereo cut out. Skanking twelve string swaps with smooth cheese Californian chord carpets. Sting and Frances Tomeltys (honest) handclaps unfortunately failed to lift it. AP

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