A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins - various artists

[Updated: December 28, 2000]

A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins - various artists

Title:A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins - various artists
Catalogue number:-
Release date:September 26, 2000
  1. She Walks This Earth (Soberana Rosa) - Sting
  2. Love Dance - Vanessa Williams
  3. Camaleao - Grover Washington, Jr.
  4. Answered Prayers (E De Deus) - New York Voices
  5. So Crazy For This Love (Cru-Cre Corroro) - Chaka Khan
  6. You Moved Me To This - Lisa Fischer/James D Train Williams
  7. Nocturne (Noturna) - Brenda Russell
  8. Elis (Leva E Traz) - Peter White
  9. I'm Not Alone (Anjo De Mim) - Freddy Cole
  10. Sweet Presence (Doce Presenca) - Dianne Reeves
  11. Somos Todos Iquais Nesta Noite - Ivan Lins
Remarks: Sting contributed to the project being produced by Jason Miles entitled A Love Affair - The Music of Ivan Lins. He performs She Walks This Earth, a song written by the Brazilian composer Ivan Lins and Brenda Russell. Also featured on the track is Vinnie Colaiuta.

A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins is the brainchild of producer Jason Miles, a lifelong fan and friend of Lins, who says he got the idea of a tribute CD from Miles Davis about three months before his death. The CD is contemporary in nature and features Lins' complex and beautiful lyrics in English, with one exception: Lins himself sings Somos Todos Iquais Nesta Noite in his glorious Portuguese.

Jason Miles: "Ivan sent me a cassette tape with some new songs on it. When I heard one of the songs named "Soberana Hasa" I knew it was the song for Sting. It had that special vibe that I felt Sting could capture. Since the song only had Ivan at the keyboards with a drum machine behind it, I spent a couple of days thinking what kind of feeling I wanted the track to convey. I sent the track to Sting to do lyrics. I got a call from his assistant who said, "Sting is so busy he can't really spend the time to really give the lyrics the attention that they need. Could I get a lyricist to write something?" I immediately said, "yes" and proceeded to call Brenda Russell. She was so excited because she is a huge Ivan fan and a huge Sting fan. It was her dream. She proceeded to write a truly wonderful lyric. They felt like a Sting song and it proved to be true by the truly wonderful performance he did on the CD" (from: Jazz Review).

Brenda Russell: "Working on this project provided me with one of my most fun and stimulating musical experiences. I was able to work with two of my top three favorite artists, Ivan Lins and Sting! Writing a lyric for Sting was nothing short of thrilling, and it is always liberating and stimulating to write lyrics to any music written by Ivan. I also had the added treat of performing on the CD as well. All in all, I had a blast."

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