The Racketeers - Mad For The Racket

[Updated: December 16, 2000]

The Racketeers - Mad For The Racket

Title:The Racketeers - Mad For The Racket
Label:Track Records
Catalogue number:TRK1004CD
Release date:November 6, 2000
  1. Chewed
  2. Christiana
  3. Trouble Bones
  4. Prisoner Of Hope
  5. Tell A Lie
  6. Czar Of Poisonville
  7. I Want It
  8. All Fired Up
  9. Blame It
  10. Nuts For You
  11. I Fall
  12. Ooh Baby
Remarks: Stewart on drums on track 1, 3 and 5.

Brian James (ex-Damned): Guitar
Wayne Kramer (ex-MC5): Guitar
Duff McKagan (Guns'N'Roses): Bass
Stewart Copeland: Drums
Brock Avery: Drums
Clem Burke (Blondie): Drums

Mixed by Jason Roberts and Wayne Kramer

In November 14, 2000 Wayne Kramer wrote the following on his website:
"We also spent considerable time laying the groundwork for Mad For The Racket . If you haven't heard (or didn't read my last installment), Brian James and I have started a new band called Mad For The Racket. It was originally called The Racketeers, but we discovered there were numerous other Racketeer bands around the world and found it easier just to rename our project. It's kind of a rock and roll experiment gone right. The idea is that we run it more like a musician's collective based on the songwriting collaborated on by Brian and me. So, each record will show an ever-changing cast of sounds and characters, but the core will remain the same.
The first record, called The Racketeers, came out in the UK in a very limited run last week on legendary Track Records (former starter home of Jimi Hendrix and The Who) and Duff McKagan, Stewart Copeland, Clem Burke, Adam Pearson and Brock Avery all contributed generously to the sessions. We've set up a couple of live experiences to launch the band in England in December (12th in Dublin and 13th in London) and so far we've got Mani from Primal Scream playing bass on the live shows. That will be fun. The record will be available worldwide in Spring, 2001."

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