River Of The Soul - Danny Paradise

[Updated: October 17, 2000]

River Of The Soul - Danny Paradise

Title:River Of The Soul - Danny Paradise
Label:Mesa/Blue Moon
Catalogue number:BMG-91102
Release date:09-2000
  1. Searching For The Holy Grail
  2. Himalayan Dawn
  3. Now That The Shamans Have Planes
  4. House Of Bamboo
  5. Ye Rising Stars
  6. Mr Immigration Man
  7. At The Conference Of The Birds
  8. River Of The Soul
  9. Freedom Fighters
  10. Bedouin Dream
  11. Flexible
  12. In Search Of The Dream People
Remarks: Danny Paradise is an "Ashtanga Yoga" teacher and has Paul Simon, Sting and Madonna among his friends and students. This summer he has released a new album called "River of the Soul". This album features artists like Paul Simon, Sting, Edie Brickell, Chris Botti and Bakithi Kumalo. The style of the album sounds a bit like "Singer-Songwriter" inspired by Eastern / Himalayan /Indian cultural influences.

On the track Searching For The Holy Grail, Sting makes a guest vocal appearance, harmonizing with Danny on the refrain: "Let the wind fill your sails, and then you must sail on, sail on, sail on."

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