Peggy's Blue Skylight - Andy Summers

[Updated: September 9, 2000]

Peggy's Blue Skylight - Andy Summers

Title:Peggy's Blue Skylight - Andy Summers
Catalogue number:-
Release date:26-09-2000
  1. Boogie Stop Shuffle
  2. Tonight At Noon
  3. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
  4. Opus Three
  5. Cumbia Jazz Fusion
  6. Remember Rockefeller At Attica
  7. Peggy's Blue Skylight
  8. Weird Nightmare
  9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Where Can A Man Find Peace)
  10. Free Cell Block F
  11. Self Portrait In Three Colours
  12. Myself When I Am Real
Remarks: About one year after the release of the album Green Chimney's - The Music of Thelonius Monk Andy released an album of tracks by Charles Mingus. The woking title for the album was: "Myself When I Am Real".

Deborah Harry - Vocals
Q Tip - Vocals
Randy Brecker - Trumpet
The Kronos Quartet
Dave Carpenter - Bass
Joel Taylor - Drums
Nick Ariondo - Accordian
Alison Wedding - Vocals
John Novello - Organ
Hank Roberts - Cello
Brian Kilgore - Percussion

Roy Nathanson - Sax
Curtis Fowlkes - Trombone
Rob Thomas - Violin
Bill Ware - Vibraphone

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